School Readiness


The 10 keys to unlocking school readiness*

I can settle happily without my parent/carer

I can talk to friends and grown-ups about what I need

I can take turns and share when I am playing

I can tell a grown up if I am happy, sad or cross

I can go to the toilet on my own and wash my hands

I can put on my own coat and shoes and feed myself

I know that what I do and say can make others happy or unhappy

I am curious and want to learn and play

I enjoy sharing books with grown-ups and talk about them

I can stop what I am doing, listen and follow simple instructions

*If a child is developing typically for their age

We provide care for children from three months to school age and combine a secure and caring environment -where your child will feel happy, relaxed and confident – with the very best facilitates and carers to help them develop new skills and, ultimately, prepare for school.