Early Years Government Funded Childcare is money provided by central government to ensure that all eligible two, three- and four-year olds have access to quality early years education.

ALL three- and four-year olds and some two-year olds are entitled to 570 hours of government funded nursery education per year (September to August).

Traditionally this funding was offered for 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year but can now be stretched over the full year in order to prevent higher bills during unfunded weeks – Therefore giving children 10.96 hours per week, 51 weeks of the year, instead of 15 hours per week, 38 weeks of the year.


From September 2017, many three- and four-year olds may now be entitled to a further 570 hours of government funded childcare a year – 1140 hours in total.

For more information about
Funding and Eligibility

If your child is born between
They are eligible to receive their funding from
1 April and 31 August
1 Sept and 31 Dec
1 Jan and 31 Mar school term
1st Sept following their third birthday or the beginning of the autumn school
1st Jan following their third birthday or the beginning of the spring school
1st April following their third birthday or the beginning of the summer

How do I apply to receive the Funding?

To receive the standard 570 hours, we will give you a Parent Declaration Form on which you should confirm your child’s details, which setting they attend and how many hours they attend each week. We will then submit a claim for funding to the local authority.
To receive the additional 570 hours (1140 in total), please visit to register and apply. You will then be given a code which you will need to submit to the nursery in order for us to validate your claim.
N.B. Your code is only valid for 3 months at a time, therefore if you apply for your code more than 3 months before your child is eligible to receive funding, you will have to log in to reactivate your code. You also need to log in and reactivate your code every three months.

The 30hours funding that the Government provides does not cover the cost of consumables such as snacks and meals, craft, baking and equipment, or extra services such as Tapestry learning journals, parents evenings and reports, staff training, qualified Early Years teachers etc. Therefore, there is an Additional Services charge to cover these costs.

They will receive a “grace period” – this means they will be able to keep their childcare for a short period. Once the “grace period” has lapsed, the parent may be entitled to the universal 15-hour entitlement.

You will need to complete a new Early Years Funding declaration if the number of Early Years funded hours change. The change in funded hours may change the value of the monthly invoice. We shall re look at calculations and can advise you accordingly in readiness for your next invoice that is due.
You can divide your funded hours between a maximum of two childcare settings. The funding can be split, depending on the number of hours your child attends at each one.
If you find yourself needing to move your child from our setting, we require one full month’s notice in writing. We will inform the local authority immediately and any funding already paid which your child won’t be receiving will be re- claimed by the local authority before it can be re-allocated to the new setting.
There are lots of different ways in which families can get help with the cost of childcare. Childcare Choices brings together all the government childcare offers in one place for the first time. As well as current schemes, Childcare Choices introduces Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours – two new offers that came into effect in September 2017.

To find out more about the new and existing offers, and how they can help you, go to the Childcare Choices website at

Use the Childcare Calculator at to

what offers are available to support you and your family.