Outdoor Fun


Our teaching methods

We want to ignite a lifelong love of learning in every child at CMC and we do this through a gentle balance of free play and structured learning experiences.

Educator-Inspired learning

Our experienced educators initiate conversation and thought to inspire children with new knowledge and ideas.

Learn, Grow, Smile.

Kixx inspires your little ones to get active, make friends and have fun.

Group sessions

Learning with and from peers, with a focus on communication and emotional literacy.

The CMC Experience

We believe that children learn most from experiences in which they are directly involved. Our curriculum is delivered through a variety of core experiences, daily discovery and weekly CMC extras.

Core experiences

Our core daily sessions at CMC are singing, signing, stories, mindfulness and emotional literacy. These form the grounding to reading, writing and continued development.

Daily discovery

We use this time to introduce our children to life skills and creative thought, learning about everything from expressive arts, science, engineering, maths, technology, cultural diversity, environmentalism and physical health.

Purposeful play

Children are free to explore the many resources both within their room and outdoors in the garden.

The CMC extras

Weekly CMC extras explored in small groups include: cooking & baking, Spanish, yoga, doodle dance/phonics.