About Us



Children To their Talent

Coat of Many Colours Nursery is committed to working respectfully with children and families in ways that value the diversity of the community we serve. We provide opportunity to connect children to their talent, participate to optimise children’s development to reach their full potential and then release them to follow their passion in life.

Our Vision

Prepare Children for the Future

To provide a safe, fun, caring, secure and stimulating environment for children. Enable all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners and confident individuals, become responsible citizens and effective contributors to their family, community and larger society.


We prepare children for the future, by stimulating their learning experience through play, encouraging them to learn willingly, express their feelings, use their imagination and communicate with others.

Mission Statement

A diverse and exciting place to learn: a place where we add value to children’s lives; a place that strives for excellence


  • Provides Activities

    To encourage children to care for, enjoy and show interest in the world around them
    To make the nursery environment a happy place for all who are part of it and maintain an environment of exploration and self-evaluation, fostering both motivation and a love of learning

  • Carefully Designed

    To create a warm, caring and secure environment where children’s individual needs are supported allowing them to grow into independent, confident characters who are respected and valued.
    To work in partnership with parents; enabling children to reach their full potential, beginning their school journey in a positive and fun way.

  • Our Approach

    To provide well planned activities and opportunities, allowing children to progress successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage.
    To support diversity and welcome all children recognising that each child’s learning journey is unique and individual.


Our Team

Evidence shows that the best experiences for children come from the best qualified staff. By far the most important thing to us at Coat of many Colours Nursery is our team. As well as always aspiring to be the best Nursery for our children and parents, we also want to be the best company to work for that we can possibly be.  We want to develop an amazing team of hardworking, passionate, driven and talented people who all share our vision and aims for Coat of many Colours Nursery.

 We believe steadfastly in personal and professional development. We believe resolutely in paying better wages and providing benefits to our team. We believe in constantly challenging ourselves as an employer. We believe that without our amazing team, we cannot achieve our goals.

With The National Care Standards. All staff will also be screened through the Disclosure of their criminal records and once approved; each staff undergoes comprehensive training and a full induction program. This covers extensive base room practices and procedure to ensure that they meet our high standards. We are always seeking to improve the nursery and to this aim, staff training is an on-going process.


We provide High Quality, Affordable and flexible childcare tailored to support families.



We are here to help make childcare affordable for all families.
Please contact us for more information.


Children need to feel happy and confident before they’re able to develop and grow their skills. We enable children to take the lead through carefully selected resources, fun activities and open-ended play – it’s the best way to engage them and make learning fun. Children are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to planning, to displays and to begin to develop their own learning styles.


We make every child, parent, staff feel safe, inclusive and have a sense of belonging within the setting and wider community and to know they are respected and able to participate fully in decisions that affect them. We value difference and understand that diversity is a strength. We take account of differences and strive to remove barriers and disadvantages which people may face in relation to disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or faith and sexual orientation.


We encourage children’s spiritual development. Children develop the ability to be reflective about their own beliefs, religious or otherwise and their ability to show respect for different people’s faiths, feelings and values. They learn about themselves, others and the world around them using imagination and creativity in their learning to rise above seeing life through the spectacle of materialism.


We prepare our children for an excellent future they do not know yet, to achieve this, we believe it is essential to work in partnership with parents and other agencies to promote continue learning in the setting and outside of setting. We create an environment that encourages children to enjoy learning. We are committed to deliver a curriculum that supports children to achieve their highest standard by providing varieties of activities.


We support children to find their passion and help them embrace love for learning by exposing them to many opportunities. We ensure their interest is expandable and flexible by providing a creative learning environment. Passion require time for play, our curriculum and designed to give children time to play both indoor and outdoor.