The After school club is a children's institution

that will offer a series of activities for the children in order to stimulate their social, physical, mental, and emotional development.

It is an avenue for children interaction after the rigours of the days school, to enjoy themselves having fun as they engage in various extra curricular activities, and also to promote a conducive atmosphere in which the children are able to excel in their academics by ensuring that their school homework are done, and offering guidance to the Children where necessary in order to ensure that children know what is expected of them in their homework.

The extra-curricular activities that are to be provided are designed to assist children fulfil their potential, improve balance between school and extracurricular activities, coordination, widen the children’s world of opportunity, enable the children to pursue a course of action in depth, gain self-confidence, teach children to have an appreciation for activities, promote their social interaction, to keep children busy after school while waiting for their parents to pick them up, to relieve the parents of the burden of having to rush and pick up their children after busy hours especially during the rush hour. In addition, it is perfectly natural for children to desire to play rather than do their homework or to forget that they even have homework at all. After all that is what children are about. As parents, we desire that our children excel in school and fulfil the demands of their teachers in terms of completing their homework before it is due and submitting it when due, and also to perform well in their homework.

Your kids are more important to us than you may believe